Alexandre Fabretti

Welcome to my personal portfolio!

I have over 10 years of experience as a skilled independent contractor in the digital industry. I am proficient in a wide range of technical and communication topics as a program manager in  cross-organizasional environements .

I have worked in France and Germany, gaining experience with reputable companies such as Hermès International and CNP Assurances. I then moved to Geneva in 2015, where I managed projects with budgets of up to 250k CHF and teams of up to 5 people for companies such as Naxoo, Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe or University of Geneva.

I am a certified blockchain strategist since 2019 and have successfully developed a number of proof of concepts. Recently, I released a fiat-to-crypto application and designed a traceability system based on Ethereum.

I am well-versed in working in a public setting and have experience in this capacity as a lecturer at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) where I instruct courses on personal branding and WordPress. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to be featured in the press and on radio for various corssborder projects.

In my free time, I enjoy activities such as game design, trading, and playing the piano, which I share on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Technical Expertise

Web & app development

10+ years of experience in web development and a strong background in creating and maintaining web applications. I help a lot of startups to set up their business relaed to Internet.


10+ years of experience in ecommerce and have worked with platforms like Magento and Woo Commerce. I am capable of managing complex web architectures and delivering high-quality results.

Project management

As a certified level 2 at google as a project manager, I have a track record managing projects with OKRs for my clients in top-down companies as well as matrix organizations. I am keen on cost/benefit analysis, proposals, charter document, scheduling and communicating to stakeholders.

Supervising technical teammates

To solve complex problems, I developed an excellent knowledge of concepts related to application architectures and back-end. I work daily with technical teams with whom I collaborate on various projects.

Front-end expertise

With over 10 years of experience in front-end development, I am skilled in using Figma and technologies like vueJS and Tailwind. I can supervise front-end integrations in complex environments and tackle a wide range of tasks.

Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

I am a certified blockchain professional with 3 years of experience and have developed several blockchain products yith eébedded séqrt contrqcts. I recently released a fiat-to-crypto application using the Binance API.


I am responsible for creating and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy for my clients. I have a strong understanding of Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insight to measure results. I am dedicated to ensuring that my efforts drive organic traffic, improve search engine rankings, and ultimately contribute to the success of the business.

UX Design

I have 6 years of experience in UX design and hold a Google certificate. I have a deep understanding of user experience design and have a proven track record of implementing UX design for clients. I have experience animating workshops and developing mockups.

Communication skills

Personal branding

I have developed a training program in personal branding for University of Geneva. In that field, I provide one-to-one coachings in personal branding for adult participants.


I have expertise in developing cohesive visual styles and branding elements, crafting copy, and overseeing the creation of visual assets like logos. I also have a training program for personal branding.

Trainer & speaker at UNIGE

I have been teaching website creation for several years. I am a regular speaker for the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digital Communication and Social Media at the University of Geneva (UNIGE).

Event coordinator

I have a track record of 5 years in developing successful projects and coordinating events in cross-border territories, with over 40 partnerships in various industries. I have created games such as treasure hunts or cooperative games for public territories and big companies, and have a passion for developing immersive and engaging experiences.

Other skills


I have experience in trading futures contracts and development of algorithms. I have developed a training program that I share on my YouTube channel through recorded live trading sessions.

Pianist & Film music composer

As a pianist with a diploma in music, I have a strong foundation in classical music and have performed in numerous concerts and public performances. My passion for music composition has grown out of my love for the piano and my desire to create film music.

Game designer

I have a track record of five years in creating cooperative games with collective intelligence themes for large companies. I am the author of treasure hunts that have been played by several thousands of players across territories covering over 4000 km². Currently, I am excited to be working on a new treasure hunt game based on blockchain and NFTs technology, and I am also interested in exploring the potential of VR technologies and video games development.

Visual arts

I am responsible for overseeing the visual and creative direction of digital products. I have expertise in developing cohesive visual styles and branding elements, crafting copy, and overseeing the creation of visual assets like logos. I also have strong collaboration skills and can lead design projects to successful completion.

Recent projects


9 Years of Experience


For more than 10 years in the digital industry, I have been selling and developing digital products for my clients.

I have worked in Germany and France before moving to Switzerland in 2016, where I have developed my own Swiss client base and successfully delivered larger projects up to 200kCHF, managing up to 5 people responsible for implementing and maintaining the digital systems and technologies used within the projects.

My technical expertise and excellent communication skills have allowed me to effectively negotiate with stakeholders at all levels.



2016 - Current
Founder Homnibus Design, Independent contractor

Digital IT project Leader

C-HAFNER & HILDERBRAND, Precious Metal Solutions, 3-person team, Since 2019

  • Cross-functional Project Manager: CEO, Marketing, R&D, Quality
  • Rebranded company's website and logo in 2019
  • Developed a Product Information Manager (PIM) in 2020
  • Implemented new SEO strategy and managed translations in 2023

RIDIME, Fiat-to-crypto application, 3-person team, Since May 2022

  • Managed projects and executed project plan
  • Responsible for both front-end and back-end development
  • Managed two team members by delegating API Binance and back-end tasks
  • Integrated Stripe payments API
  • Developed a WordPress plugin using GraphQL

UNIGE, Regular Speaker and Trainer for DAS: Digital Communication, Web Expertise and Social Networks, Since 2022

  • Established a training program in personal branding and WordPress web design
  • Regularly lectures on the subject
  • Provided coaching to over 30 students

TERRAIN CONSTRUCTION, Real estate advertisements, Since June 2022

  • Responsible for front-end development using vueJS
  • Worked with over 60 mockups in Figma
  • Implemented responsive design


  • Served as cross-functional project manager
  • Created e-commerce platform, third-party logistics software, and PIM
  • Responsible for UX design
  • Managed maintenance and migrations
  • Implemented cost optimizations

LOUIS ROITEL, luxury chairs, 3-person team, Since 2022

  • Designed an innovative traceability system based on Ethereum smart contracts and IPFS
  • Responsible for creating the design document
  • Conducted cost-benefit analysis

WATCHMAKERS SECRET SOCIETY, Web3/NFT Treasure Hunt, 4-person team, Since 2022

  • Created art and illustrations, including characters, game level architecture, and NFT art
  • Developed a game level prototype
  • Developed branding and storytelling
  • Composed music

CHOUETTE D'OR® , Armchair Treasure hunts, 4-person team, Since 2022

  • Rebranding: website, logo, strategy
  • Product innovation
  • Developing a blockchain game system
  • Responsible for partnerships
2012 - 2016
Homnibus Design

Digital IT project manager

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Independent contractor

Event coordinator & game designer

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Financial Engineer


Université de Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris VI

Master's degree Management Pour Ingénieurs

Specialization in Finance

University of Marne-la-Vallée

Maîtrise de Physique des matériaux

Specialization in Astrophysics

University of Marne-la-Vallée

Licence de Physique et Applications

University of Marne-la-Vallée

DEUG Sciences


Technical Skills

10% = 1 year of experience/ 100% = 10 years of experience



Responsive design & mobile first


Project management


UX Design




Server Apache




Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies













Smart contracts & Solidity


Softwares & Tools











Vue JS


Node JS / Nuxt JS






Tailwind CSS



Blockchain strategist

CREA, Geneva, Jul. 2019

Foundation of UX design

Google Coursera, Mar. 2022

Google Project Management Certificate

Google, Currently, estimated Feb. 2023


My Works
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